Opinion – Plans hatched to introduce white-on-white eggs to Japan | The Japan Times – John Gelmini

As someone who looks carefully at these things, I think the Japanese should stick to their own diet as much as possible because as Dr Alf may know the people who live longest in this world are officially Japanese woman, followed by Mormons.

Unofficially, the Hunzas who live a rural lifestyle in what used to be Soviet Central Asia and have a diet which contains a lot of apricots including the contents of the stone, live to be about 140. Italians who live in Limone, a small town near Lake Garda also live a very long time and for health properties, the Mediterranean diet which Dr Alf may follow already, is one of the best.

The secrets of longevity are already known through research on telomeres by companies like the Geron Corporation in Texas but much of this is kept from the public for fear that with too many of them living too long pension systems and whole Governments will be bankrupted.

Substances in Atralagus, a Chinese herb help with telomere life extension and in the right quantities can slow down the rate of cell destruction, GH3 Advance which I take in serum strength form slows down the ageing process but in the end neither the Japanese with white eggs and raw fish or even the Transhumanists who hope to live forever are going to outwit or outlast their favourite deities or completely rely on their own version of the “elixir of youth”.

John Gelmini

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