Thousands of refugees reach Germany after Hungary & Austria surrender to exodus — RT News

English: Russia Today logo

English: Russia Today logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a powerful, must-read article from Russia’s news station, RT. RT reports that after weeks of travel, hardships and uncertainty, some 8,000 exhausted refugees have finally made it to Germany.  This is currently the most popular news story on Twitter under the following hash-tags: #Germany  #refugees

Source: Thousands of refugees reach Germany after Hungary & Austria surrender to exodus — RT News

RT also describes how the mass exodus via Austria came after Hungary gave up on its attempts to stop the progress of asylum seekers and bused them to its northern border.

It’s remarkable that despite massive resources being deployed by the American mainstream media that it’s the Russian media‘s viewpoint that is most popular on social media.

This leads me to an open question:

Are we perhaps seeing some bias from the American media, keen to focus on the humanitarian refugee crisis and deflect attention from the causes, which include US foreign policy interventions under President Obama?


Opinion – How Obama won on Iran | TheHill – John Gelmini

Nuclear program of Iran

Nuclear program of Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is correct the Iranian deal on nuclear capability and centrifuges is not a “victory” in any sense of the word that I understand.

It is a one-sided compromise, that allows Iran to do pretty much what it wants, except that America has demonstrated it’s ability using two 30,000 thermobaric weapons dropped one after the other from a B1 stealth bomber to destroy targets buried under 200 feet of reinforced concrete. China has already built special radar arrays to identify stealth bombers and drones, so if they were to sell Iran that capability, even in lesser form, then the guarantee of compliance with the agreement backed by the Pentagon’s military force could be nullified especially if FORDO and NATANZ are ringed with Russian Iskander missiles capable of shooting down incoming aircraft throughout a 360 degree radius.

Israel worries about Iranian nuclear capability or the prospect of that country obtaining it and I worry about the prospect of extremist Ayatollahs running amok in the Middle East, whilst ISIS jihadists are allowed to roam free.

Young Iranians are more Western oriented than the Ayatollahs and the Iranian government and we must look to them to effect change.

In the interim, weather warfare, in the form of one or two crop failures and some powerful earthquakes, courtesy of the Pentagon’s “Project Prime Argus” program may make it easier to compel the Iranian Government to be bent to Western will. Without such compulsion, Iran will carry on unimpeded. That said, the assurance of a more compliant Iran and a better agreement with safeguards is necessary, or otherwise we might well be looking at what the old-warmonger Cheyney calls a “trainwreck”.

John Gelmini