Opinion – Calais mayor ‘disgusted’ by UK policy on refugees | World news | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Dr Alf should not be in the least surprised at the closeness of fit between the BBC and the Guardian’s “liberal agenda”.

All the Guardianistas, and the bulk of the people at the BBC, went to the same schools, the same blue brick universities, had similar “champagne socialist ” parents and lived in similar areas of Islington, Notting Hill and Hampstead. This is true of politicians, lobby correspondents and those in the so-called” Westminster bubble”, who all live a gilded and easy life, dining at El Vino’s and the “Gay Hussar”, getting free publicity for each other’s latest books, plays, films, television miniseries, charities and ventures, and never really having to strive or struggle for anything.

Many of them in later life are trained by the Fabian Society and Common Purpose in how to think, how to operate and even how to lead.

They become experts at “triangulation” and “moral relativism”, everything must be “inclusive”, even if it means traducing the Judeo Christian ethics that this country was once founded upon, and replacing it with questionable alternatives.

One can see this by the guests and their dress, when featured on the BBC with some leaving their arms exposed so that tattoos indicating their allegiance can be clearly seen and others choosing to do so through hand signs and neckwear.

The Guardian helps such people through publicising events where these people are to appear and through lionising them in editorials.

Out of this, we get a doctrine of “We know best”, whereby ordinary people are meant to buy into the idea that money can be conjured out of thin air and double-think.

Thus we get someone like Jeremy Corbyn saying that his programmes if elected to the Prime Ministership will be funded out of £140 billion gbp in unpaid taxes yet at the same time he is for printing money in a form of “people’s QE.”

None of this is questioned by the Guardian, and the BBC who simply want the Government out-of-the-way so that they can go on plundering licence fee payers and preventing ordinary people from advancing, going into business for themselves or becoming a buy-to-let landlord.

Collectively these are people who like refugees and economic migrants because those people make good cooks, nannies and menial workers in their houses but like Sir Richard Branson’s servants who come by boat to his private island they can soon be sent off leaving them and Sir Richard free to entertain their guests at night.

At least the old Edwardians were honest and kept the servants in the house downstairs where they could be summoned by buzzer from the servants quarters but now it is a case of be a guest worker do what you have to do and then go.

As for the Mayor of Calais, she should know better given the Rwandan holocaust which killed a million people and which France did nothing to stop along with all the refugees it created leaving Paul Kagame a black mini Hitler in power and receipt of aid from America and of course Britain and France. She is a woman who has forgotten her history as well because it was the French who selected the Alawite sect of Syrians to run that country and it was they along with the UK who effectively created Iraq and Syria out of thin air from the ruins of the old Ottoman Empire. More recently France has been dropping weapons from the air to assist Syrian rebels, so it is partially to blame for the flood of refugees it now wants the UK to take more of. France’s record in Vietnam isn’t much to write home about either because their misrule led to the precursor to the Vietnam War which led to the deaths of 1 million people, refugee flows and land still uncultivatable due to chemical defoliants. Part of that misrule was an expedition by the French navy to crush the seeds of revolt whereby they bombarded Haiphong when it was full of ordinary people killing more than 6000 of them. An event like that today would be regarded for what it is, a war crime but today the episode is forgotten.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Dispatches: What Cameron should do about the refugee crisis | Human Rights Watch – John Gelmini

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Лого...

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Логотип Хьюман Райтс Вотч (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have read the piece by David Mepham, the sanctimonious head of UK Human Rights Watch, which Dr Alf has brought to us, and have come to the conclusion that both he and the liberal establishment that he and people like him represent, has  gone mad.

Local Authorities, including my own, do not automatically provide housing for the indigenous people of these islands within their care, nor do they provide housing for Afghan and Iraq war veterans who are single, even if they have been maimed or emotionally scarred for life.

Charity must begin at home and with 12 million too few houses and a true population of 64.5 million people, plus 7 million illegal immigrants, we are already grossly overpopulated for the physical and financial resources we have. This was established in 1953 when Government scientists and actuaries completed a secret study into the UK population, at the behest of the then Prime Minister and established that the optimum population was 25 million but that 35 million was the upper limit.

At the end of World War II, the UK population, following all the carnage and damage, was 40 million people. As a result, the “Assisted Migration Programme” to Australia and Canada was developed with those Governments receiving £2,695 gbp for every man woman and child they took.

We know that many of the so-called refugees are in fact economic migrants who have thrown away their papers and have illegally entered Europe and Great Britain on a rising tide of media induced illogicality and a frenzy of “sympathy, compassion and concern”.

Where does this man Mepham, plus Junker, Merkel and all the others at the BBC think all these people are going to live? Where will they work? What will we do if another 8 million come, once ISIS cuts the main road in Syria and more refugees swollen by people from 180 different countries decide to come with them?

Of course, the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent and 11% of the population who are in favour of an open-door policy have no answer to this, other than to lumber the rest of us with the bill and to try and induce guilt.

I say let Mepham pick a television studio of his choice and debate the matter with someone who represents the other 89% of the population, who are taxpayers and remain unheard and unrepresentative.

Mepham and his ilk need to be exposed for what they are —they are spokespersons for the unacceptable, the unaffordable and for dangerous nonsense that will in time put us all at risk here.

Amongst this human tide of people determined to get to Germany and our shores are terrorists, who have openly said they wish to wreak mayhem here, and once here they will not be accessable to Reaper drones and will only have the police to stand in their way. Of course, the risk of a major terrorist attack on European soil increases. America is placing a higher weighting on national security and will not consider taking Syrian refugees because of the risk of terrorists infiltrating their midst. Hopefully, European liberals will wake up and realise the dangers too, ideally before it is too late?

John Gelmini