Opinion – China says its long-range aircraft carrier killer ballistic missiles confound US spies | China Daily Mail – John Gelmini

Map of the South China Sea

Map of the South China Sea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This piece from the China Daily Mail, courtesy of Dr Alf, is straight out of the “Arms of Krupp” and the story of Basil Zaharoff, whereby the Krupps would sell Brazil armor plate that would withstand any shell fired against it, and then sell shells capable of piercing armour-plate to a different regime.

In between the wars, Italy developed thermite, which in plunging shellfire could cause the plates of Britain’s mightiest warships to be penetrated and sunk, which had the First Sea Lord’s and Admirals of the British Navy at that time very worried for many years.

We have the Chinese wanting to blunt the edge of America’s aircraft carrier fleets, which until now have had the power to contain China, whilst waging Air Sea Battle(ASB), which envisages an attack on China’s southern flank via the South China Sea strengthened by BI bomber flights from new American bases in Australia.

China has developed stealth detecting radars and is building airstrips and military bases on the islands that flank the South China Sea representing it’s 200 mile air exclusion zone, plus hypersonic scramjets capable of attacking any target on the face of the earth within 2 hours.

America has something similar, which can do the same thing in 1 hour and the Chinese aircraft carrier killer missile is the next stage in this arms race.

America still has the edge, in that it has the “Death Star ” weapon, positioned in space under the direction of GW Bush as part of his abrogation of the ABM Treaty plus the ability to control the weather and trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and crop failures at will.

Through DARPA, America has an edge in killer robots and drones but China already has drones equal to the Reaper and is catching up fast in the area of killer and fighting robots. These abilities are, of course, replicable and of not much use if too much of your economy is controlled by others. One hopes that a modicum of commonsense will prevail and that rapprochement is possible. This not least because of the bigger challenge of radicalized Islam, which is a common threat.

John Gelmini

Refugees Are Welcome in Germany But For How Long? – Juan Moreno – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, must-read article by Juan Moreno, published in Spiegel Online.

Source: Refugees Are Welcome in Germany But For How Long? – SPIEGEL ONLINE

For me, this article illustrates why liberal Spiegel is one of the world’s top newspapers and should be seen as a gold-standard for newspapers around the world. By comparison, media in the UK is too strong on political bias and less robust in the quality of reporting – this has been a deteriorating trend.

The author shares his own experience, plus those of his immigrant parents, and interviews with two of Germany’s top experts on immigration. The article is balanced, reflective, citing both objective data like statistics and recounting subjective case studies. The conclusion is up to each individual reader.

I wish that left-wing biased newspapers in the UK, like the Guardian and the BBC, would benchmark their quality standards on Spiegel.

Apart from reflections on Germany, the material is this article is transferable to other countries. This leads to an open question:

Are refugees really more welcome in Germany than say the UK, France, Spain, Italy or Hungary?