Opinion – Obama warns Russia against aiding Assad regime | Fox Newsox – John Gelmini

Barack Obama & Vladimir Putin at Putin's dacha...

Barack Obama & Vladimir Putin at Putin’s dacha 2009-07-07 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, Obama is pretty useless, and John Kerry is a poor negotiator.

Russia has been “warned”, so like the gunfighter who has been warned in a Western to leave town by 6.00 pm but doesn’t, what does Obama or America do next?

Sanctions on Russia are hurting that country but not breaking their will, so increasing sanctions will not work either. A colour revolution to overthrow Putin has been tried and he is still there so that didn’t work either.

Weather warfare could be deployed but Russia was the first to develop the process in the 1970s and could retaliate in kind so that would not work either.

As things stand Russia will test Obama to ascertain his resolve and thinking ability and find him wanting on both counts.

The sooner Obama is gone the better in my view.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Jeremy Corbyn faces a dozen shadow cabinet resignations – Daily Telegraph – John Gelmini

The Labour Party has already become an irrelevance but under Corbyn we will see it split whilst the infiltrated part which he heads up will become a battering ram for McClusky and his Trades Union dinosaurs and the people who give them their instructions.

There are, as Dr Alf knows, all too well, millions of people in the UK who imagine that the country can pay its way on fresh air and that by collecting £140 billion gbp in uncollected taxes that HMRC have never collected in my lifetime that their standard of living can be put up to what it used to be in the late 1950s.

The incredible simplicity of such people will be brought into sharp focus when the first fully automated call centers, tube trains and factories wipe out large swathes of blue collar employment, long before Jeremy Corbyn ever gets to the point where he can contend for power. Teachers and public sector unions would be in my cross hairs as immediate candidates for automating many, if not all of their functions out of existence and postal sorting staff and postmen would be next.

The arrival of Corbyn is going to mean that this sort of thing happens a lot faster because those Labour Party members who cannot find a home for themselves in the world of Corbynistas will either have to join the Conservatives, create a new party, leave politics altogether, or form a pact with Tim Farron and his Tofu devouring, sandal wearing, and somewhat eccentric nonentities in the Liberal Democrats.

Abolishing NATO will not seem such a good idea when the first ISIS Jihadists embedded with the migrants start creating mayhem in the UK and other countries in Europe who were silly enough to let all these undocumented people into their countries in the first place.

Of course Corbyn is only in the position he is in because of the utter uselessness and unsuitability for any office or meaningful role of the other candidates.

John Gelmini