Eastern European countries may be forced accept quotas for migrants – Telegraph

English: Map of Eastern European Countries

English: Map of Eastern European Countries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this deeply disturbing article from the Telelegraph, Germany’s foreign minister is threatening when he says it may consider use of “a qualified majority” to force Eastern European countries to accept quotas for migrants.

Source: Eastern European countries may be forced accept quotas for migrants – Telegraph

Germany’s policy on migration is seriously questionable on strategic grounds. Firstly, Germany is not focused on the cause of the migration crisis. Secondly, Germany’s government is in denial on the social consequences.

East European countries want to protect their culture. Is that so wrong?

There is already an ugly extreme right-wing push back to immigration in Germany. Similar trends are present elsewhere. Demographers are able to extrapolate social trends in Europe and ten years from now the traditional way of life will be lost. Let’s hope that sensible quotos prevail and the Germany policies are reversed before the ‘hard-right’ is able to take control with popular push-back. When Germans can’t get jobs because of the declining economy and immigrant benefits are given priority over social benefits for Germany’s indigenous pensioners the mix will be explosive.

Surely, the Eastern European countries have rights too, just like the US and Canada have declined to accept migrants?


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  1. I must disagree with Dr Alf on sensible quota of immigrants.This really is a “Bridge too far” and the countries of Eastern Europe, which are still poor and predominantly Christian will not accept quotas of Muslim refugees and hidden terrorists.

    We have seen ethnic cleansing in the last Balkans War and we are seeing it in places like Burma, where the Buddhist majority are driving out the Muslim Rohingas.

    Had David Cameron bowed to German mandated quotas, then places like Luton, just 15 miles from my house and already filled with a large Muslim population in the Bury Park area would have become a powder keg.

    There are limits to what a country can absorb of totally different/alien cultures and limits to what people will put up with.

    We are getting very close to that point but the EU and unaffected liberal intelligentsia plus the “chattering classes” seem intent on pushing ordinary people from the indigenous populations to breaking point, just to see the point at which their patience will snap.

    The EU and Mrs Merkel need to learn the lessons of history, otherwise it will repeat itself along the lines of the “Highland Clearances” and what Roman Emperor Hadrian and Septimus Severus did in their day to deal with what they saw as troublesome Scots and Welsh who they drove out of England and placed behind two massive walls one of which still stands as testimony to their creator nearly 2000 years later.

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