Grave doubts’ over claims of key witnesses in VIP sex abuse inquiry | Daily Mail OnlineVIPs

English: Dolphin Square Taken from Grosvenor Road

English: Dolphin Square Taken from Grosvenor Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Daily Mail, Scotland Yard have not found a ‘shred of evidence’ to support claims by the witness known as ‘Nick’ of a child abuse ring centred on the Dolphin Square apartment complex in Central London.

Source: ‘Grave doubts’ over claims of key witnesses in VIP sex abuse inquiry | Daily Mail Online

If there’s evidence then justice is required no matter that VIPs are involved. But without evidence, much damage has already been done to reputations.

Surely, it’s time to ‘put-up’ or ‘shut-up?

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  1. These investigations cannot proceed normally because many of the police files have recently gone missing and because credible witnesses are either dead or reluctant to come forward.
    The Lowell Goddard enquiry will meet the same problem and any potentially guilty people will walk away scot free.
    As Dr Alf says there has to be credible evidence and that means recovering missing files, putting alleged victims into a witness protection programme and building cases.
    Currently, all the authorities seem able to do is lay the blame for much of the abuse at the feet of dead Satanists and celebrities like Jimmy Saville and ageing has-beens like Rolf Harris,Max Clifford the publicist.
    Retired policemen who tried to investigate much of this material in the past have often had their notebooks seized by Special Branch and been threatened with loss of pension rights and even imprisonment under the “Official Secrets Act”.
    They will take whatever they know to the grave so any paedophiles and child abusers that still exist will probably escape any consequences for what they may or may not have done as no evidence capable of being presented to a competent court will exist.

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