Opinion – UK women’s life expectancy ‘second worst’ in Western Europe – Health News – NHS Choices – John Gelmini

I agree with Dr Alf, UK policy is now seriously delinquent.

Sadly, ‘UK woman’ is now the fattest in Western Europe and overall mortality in the UK is so bad that only Greece, a bankrupt vassal state of Germany under Merkel, is worse.

UK productivity is now 22nd in the world because of this, the fact that British men are now the 4th fattest in Europe and because of the apparent inherent laziness of too many of our citizens.

Risk aversion in the form of lack of investment is also rife and is not unconnected with poor diet and low testosterone levels caused by oestrogens in the UK water supply caused by fertiliser runoff from intensively farmed fields.

Tough action on sugar, salt and chemical content in foods is needed and the food industry and the Alimentarius Commission must be sidelined or brought to heel.

The British public must be encouraged to drink less, cook better and exercise more through taxation, tougher zoning laws, education and employer pressure(sacking unfit policemen and workers as a way to shock others into behaving differently might be a start).

John Gelmini

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