Opinion – Why Jeremy Corbyn and his Islington inqusition give me a warm glow of nostalgia – Telegraph

According to Charles Moore in the Telegraph, voters who recall the Left-wing lunacy of the 1980s are oddly reassured by Labour’s new leader.

Source: Why Jeremy Corbyn and his Islington inqusition give me a warm glow of nostalgia – Telegraph

I am old enough to remember the Left-wing lunacy of the 1980s. I’m not sure that I agree with Jeremy Moore. For me it is clear that the Cobynist policies will lead to the economic destruction of the UK. That is a real threat and risk. These people are much more radical than the current government in France. But  Jeremy Moore is right when the hard-left refer to debate, they mean exactly the opposite and exclusion of alternative opinion. The hard-left don’t listen to argument. Actually, their opinions are based on political dogma rather than evidence.

When Jeremy Corbyn started speaking on yesterday’s Andrew Marr show, I simply had to turn it off. I was disgusted that the BBC were trying to promote Corbynism.

Although I have never been a Labour Party supporter, I am saddened for this great and historic political party that has been hikacked by the hard-left with their flaky politics.


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  1. Dr Alf is correct, I too remember the “Winter of Discontent” and the destructive policies of the Labour Party in the 1970s which saw most of my colleagues and anyone with sense leaving the country in the Brain Drain.

    We learn that many of today’s Corbynistas were the Dave Spart’s and Trotskyite “street protestors” of that time and the legions of “direct action” troublemakers of today.

    We are told that Corbyn’s policies will be paid for out of £140 billion GBP in unpaid taxes and that he will balance the books and at the same time a “bailout for the people” will be funded out of QE.
    Somehow the same money will be spent three times over but the BBC in full left-wing mode questions nothing because they want this man Corbyn to win, so that their licence fee income can be swollen to bursting point and their top people paid even more money.

    The country contains enough very short-sighted people who could be persuaded to buy into this sort of nonsense, so far from feeling a “warm glow” I feel alarm and trepidation because those behind Corbyn are clever enough to get him into power on the basis of the complacency which too many people on the right feel.

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