U.K.’s Cameron Says Migrant Crisis Complicates British Debate on EU Membership – WSJ

According to this interview with the WSJ, UK Prime Minister David Cameron argued that Europe’s migrant crisis was complicating his efforts to change Britain’s relationship with the European Union, something he has promised the British public he would do.

But perhaps more significant was the sub-heading of the article, whereby the WSJ highlighted that the British Prime Minister said he was open to working with Russia to defeat Islamic State in Syria.

Recently, we noticed that George Osborne was cozying up to China. Osborne is effectively deputy prime minister of the UK and is widely expected to be the next PM of the UK.

Once upon a time the UK had a prized special relationship with America but Obama’s disastrous foreign policy record has seen America’s historic allies looking to a new geopolitical world.

Let me ask an open question:

Has Obama’s foreign policy record really been that bad?


WSJ Poll Shows Risks for GOP; Clinton Support Wanes – WSJ

According to the conservative WSJ, the Republican Party heads into the 2016 presidential race with a negative image, while Democrats are backing a front-runner who continues to lose steam, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

Source: WSJ Poll Shows Risks for GOP; Clinton Support Wanes – WSJ

So are we simply to conclude that Hilary Clinton will be the next US President barring a fall at one of the many hurdles?

I speculate how the Clintons will differ from the Obamas in America’s leadership?