Labour Party conference: Calmer than expected, but divisions remain | Europe | Deutsche Welle

According to this article by Germany’s Deutsche Welle, in the first party conference since hard-leftist Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership, the tone was conciliatory. But the article’s author  Samira Shackle speculates how long will this last.

Source: Labour Party conference: Calmer than expected, but divisions remain | Europe | DW.COM | 30.09.2015

Self-interest will dictate how quickly the infighting will start. If Corbyn does well in the polls, the knives will stay hidden for the moment. But as soon as MPs speculate that their futures may be at risk, the knives will be out without mercy.

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  1. Dr Alf is correct because the next batch of local elections and any subsequent bi-elections will allow the public to play games.

    The people who attended the Labour party conference are not representative of the public at large who are mostly Conservative with a small C and rooted deeply in the past with a real and persevering aversion to looking into the future or examining major issues.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s Achilles heel is that he cannot carry this silent majority with him when the chips are down and is relying on the young and the innately mentally and cerebrally challenged to get himself into power.

    Those who want to unseat him and plunge a dagger into his back like the smooth and untrustworthy Hilary Benn whose jacket remained buttoned for the whole of his Andrew Marr interview and whose body language belied his intentions,will wait for their moment like Brutus and Judas Iscariot and throw Corbyn complete with his suit and tie to the wolves.

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