Countries could boost their GDP by 5-20% if women were treated equally with work and pay – the Economist

This is a powerful article from the Economist, citing a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), a think-tank, underlining how gender inequality in work and society is itself distributed unequally across the world. The Economist rightly zooms in that women make up less than a quarter of the paid workforce in India and account for just 17% of the GDP.

Source: The power of parity | The Economist

It’s well worth reading the McKinsey research on gender inequality first hand.

For me, it’s contradiction that India is proudly the largest democracy in the world, yet the same country is not prepared to address inequality within its society.


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  1. What happens in India is an affront, in that some people have billions whilst others starve or have too little to eat and the Indian Government makes very little attempt to address the problem in a meaningful way despite Modi strutting about on the world stage.

    There is a growing problem in the world with income inequality in its own right and this will worsen with automation, AI, nanotechnology, robotics and self replicating machines.

    This will start in 2019, when AI overtakes human intelligence and we move into the age of cybernetics and implanted expert systems, modelled on the “Matrix style jump programme” featured in the original film and Matrix Revolutions.

    Governments the world over need to be planning for this eventuality now for woman and, of course, for blue-collar males who as yet lack the skills to become self-sufficient owners of micro businesses.

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