Here the Clintons go again, using surrogates to smear opponents | TheHill

Here’s a fascinating insight into the grubbier side of US politics by the Hill who looks at how a Princeton professor goes after Bernie Sanders and takes an absurd view of history in doing so.

Source: Here the Clintons go again, using surrogates to smear opponents | TheHill

Personally, I think there’s still time for a few banana skins for the Clintons.


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  1. As Dr Alf may know, negative campaigning works in America and also works here in the UK.
    The Clintons are masters of it and have vast amounts of money to back them, which means they can outlast many of the other candidates who may be more truthful but less able to “go the distance”.

    Like a battlefield where the protagonists are cut down by bombs and bullets, political candidates in America fail because they lack money, support from the critical television stations, support from those who own newspapers and support from Big business.

    The winnowing process has started and the “fail safe” is always there as an insurance policy, namely the fixing of the result by tampering with the computerised election counting machines so that certain categories of voters are eliminated from the final count.

    Al Gore won the election before Obama’s Presidency but by eliminating the unemployed, Black voters and convicted felons the results were massaged to allow GW Bush to ascend to the Presidency.

    At the time, Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida where the questions about “hanging chads” are still surrounded with an element of doubt.

    Either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency and for my money the powers that be have decided on America’s 1st female President.

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