Vatican sacks gay priest after he announces he has a partner – Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Vatican has sacked a gay priest after he came out as gay on the eve of a major meeting of bishops where the Church’s stance on homosexuality is expected to be discussed.

Source: Vatican sacks gay priest after he announces he has a partner

It will be interesting to see the Church’s stance on homosexuality.

It seems that homosexuals as a political group are becoming increasingly powerful. Perhaps it’s time for the Church to set some markers?


One response

  1. Unlike the Church of England the Catholic church needs to take a firm line in favour of marriage and family life in it’s traditional form.
    Gay people represent 1 person in 90 in the world but have money, political clout and media connections that are out of all proportion to their numbers.
    They have since “coming out of the closet” created trouble by forcing others to accept that their bizarre and unusual practices are part of the mainstream and that family law and the law of inheritance should be changed to place them on a similar footing with heterosexual married couples.
    What will happen next is American style no fault divorce, prenups being accepted by the courts, American style cohabitation agreements, and male pregnancies.
    In the UK, oestrogens leaching into the water supply from intensively farmed and fertilised land change the sex of fish in rivers and produce a bigger than normal proportion of gay men as compared with Western Europe as a whole.
    Bisphenol A, a substance used to harden plastics and which is present in till rolls, tins causes cancers and creates gender-bending effects leading to more gay men.
    Churches and other places of religious worship need to talk about this issue in relation to what it means to society, social cohesion, traditional marriage and children.
    Priests, men and woman of the cloth and lay ministers should look in the mirror and carefully re-read their Bibles,Torahs and holy books and then start the process of preaching and winning souls.
    The Catholic church needs to clear its ranks of gay priests and defrock any priest is not behaving true to their calling and in breach of Judeo-Christian teaching.

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