VW exec blames ‘a couple of’ rogue engineers for emissions scandal – LA Times

Volkswagen Wolfsburg industrial plant (Wolfsbu...

Volkswagen Wolfsburg industrial plant (Wolfsburg, Germany). Français : Usine du constructeur automobile Volkswagen AG dans la ville allemande de Wolfsbourg, siège social du groupe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The LA Times reports that a top Volkswagen executive on Thursday blamed a handful of rogue software engineers for the company’s emissions-test cheating scandal and told outraged US lawmakers that it would take years to fix most of the nearly half million vehicles affected in the U.S.

Source: VW exec blames ‘a couple of’ rogue engineers for emissions scandal – LA Times

The article then cited the views of a number of leading experts who all felt that the responsibility rest must higher in the group.

For me, this early attempt at damage limitation by VW is a bad sign. Anybody with knowledge of the workings of any large corporation will doubt that this decision is limited to three engineers.

Yesterday we saw that analysts are estimating the cost of the scandal at USD38 Billion as Germany’s federal prosecutors raided VW’s corporate headquarters.  If VW is to survive, surely far more than three heads will need to roll?


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