More than 50 Labour MPs to defy Jeremy Corbyn in vote on Syria | Politics | The Guardian

According to the left-leaning Guardian/Observer, Jeremy Corbyn will be severely embarassed by a likely cross-party bid for military action that would enforce safe havens and no-fly zone to protect refugees in Syria.

Source: More than 50 Labour MPs to defy Jeremy Corbyn in vote on Syria | Politics | The Guardian

The article hints that with Labour MPs likely to vote with the Conservatives on a number of issues, like Syria, immigration, and austerity, Corbyn will render the Labour Party as poweless in parliament – so the only real challenge to the Tories will come from the Scottish Nationalists.

If Labour are rendered powerless because of Corbyn’s policies, then it is time for coup in the Labour Party.

Surely, it’s time for Corbyn to go?


One response

  1. Dr Alf should be aware of the fact that it was never time for Corbyn in the first place and if he is not a Privy Councillor he lacks the authority to be an opposition leader acceptable to the Monarch who in reality runs things anyway.

    A Privy Councillor has to have full access to full defence briefings and is effectively an illuminised Freemason at a particular level in the hierarchy.

    Corbyn by not following the necessary protocols cannot meet that requirement so he is on the slippery slope to political oblivion regardless of how many new recruits he has to the now irrelevant Labour Party.

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