UK Labour: ‘A total f—ing shambles’ – POLITICO

Politico writes that the U-turn prompted a raucous meeting of the parliamentary Labour party at Westminster on Monday night, which MP Ben Bradshaw was overheard characterizing as “a total f—ing shambles.”

Source: UK Labour: ‘A total f—ing shambles’ – POLITICO

The current leadership of the Labour Party are increasingly embarassing the UK.


5 facts about Democrats | Pew Research Center

English: Cropped version of File:Official port...

English: Cropped version of File:Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpg. The image was cropped at a 3:4 portrait ratio, it was slightly sharpened and the contrast and colors were auto-adjusted in photoshop. This crop, in contrast to the original image, centers the image on Obama’s face and also removes the flag that takes away the focus from the portrait subject. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pew Research shares  what their recent survey found about today’s Democrats, who remain loyal to Obama and in recent years have increasingly considered themselves liberal.

Source: 5 facts about Democrats | Pew Research Center

Given that my friend and collegue John Gelmini is predicting Hilary Clinton as a clear winner, these findings gain srious signifacance.

For me the Obama presidency has been a disaster for world affairs and more of the same would put the world at serious risk.

Surely, it’s time for GOP to get their act together?