Doctors’ chief warns of an ‘NHS collapse this winter’ | Denis Campbell | Society | The Guardian

According to the left-leaning Guardian, Jane Dacre, head of the Royal College of Physicians, warns that hospital services are at breaking point.

Source: Doctors’ chief warns of an ‘NHS collapse this winter’ | Denis Campbell | Society | The Guardian

This has been a headline every winter for the last few years, especially in the left-wing media.

The reality is surely that the UK’s public healthcare system is in permanent decline and politicians of all colors need the strength of character to face the disaster?


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  1. This Guardian article is more left wing special pleading and scaremongering from the UK medical profession which is dead set against reform.
    The crisis in healthcare has been caused by pensioners and to a large extent woman who abuse the NHS with trivial and unnecessary ailments and imagine that doctors can fix problems that their own lack of nutritional knowledge, cooking skills and exercise has caused.
    We have the fattest woman in Western Europe, the 4th fattest men and we have an epidemic of obesity, heart disease and cancer.
    This is down to people eating fish and chips and junk food because they are too lazy to cook and who spend too much time drinking on an empty stomach, surfing the internet and communicating via social media.
    The NHS it is true,needs better structure,leadership and major reform with a cull of most management layers but the practices of hospital consultants deliberately creating waiting lists so as to create money for their private practices needs to be dealt with once and for all.

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