Opinion – Obama Could Learn a Few Lessons in Leadership From Vladimir Putin – Breitbart – John Gelmini

Barack Obama & Vladimir Putin at Putin's dacha...

Barack Obama & Vladimir Putin at Putin’s dacha 2009-07-07 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama is patrician, slow to make decisions, and unable to understand realpolitik. He is suited to work in a legal practice where hair-splitting, posturing and “dancing on the head of a pin” is the accepted way to proceed.

Obama fails to understand that others can see through his trademark NLP, his hypnotic language patterned speeches, and the poor results he produces versus the promises that he makes. His bona fides are possibly questionable because he is allegedly said by some to spend $20,000 USD a day of taxpayers money on keeping himself out of court and possible impeachment proceedings designed to establish when and where he was born. That aside, he looks uncomfortable with himself, and does not appear to be in command of anything.

Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is full of himself and makes decisions in the blink of an eye. Love him or loathe him, he is in command of himself, his facts and figures, and so far has not sold any of his allies down the river. By whatever definition you care to use, Putin is a strong leader, and in time, people who now rubbish him for Russia’s poor economic state will eat their words when the price of oil recovers and their economy, possibly with German assistance, does better over time.

In Syria, Vladimir Putin saw that ISIS were about to cut a strategic road and that many of the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels were not very moderate at all, and that sooner or later, they would end up in Russia, trying to do Saudi Arabia’s bidding, by enlarging their global caliphate. He then took action, knowing that Obama would do very little, other than air drop 50 tons of military hardware to assist the Syrian rebels.

The position the West took, and still takes, is that President Assad must be removed and that he is just as bad as ISIS. That is clearly nonsense, as he confines his brutality to his own country, and poses no threat to the West, whereas ISIS with its global ambitions and record of beheadings, sexual slavery, treating woman as chattels is now a threat to us all. This no thanks to President Obama at the urging of lunatics telling him what to do, insisting on Europe taking most of the so-called refugees amongst whose ranks are of course ISIS jihadists, bombers and murderers.

John Gelmini

EPC Publications | Towards a sustainable European economy by Toutia Daryoush, Annika Hedberg (formerly Ahtonen) and Romain Pardo

English: Diagram showing aspects of sustainabl...

English: Diagram showing aspects of sustainable development as Ecology, Economy and Society bounded by Environment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Annika Hedberg, Romain Pardo and Toutia Daryoush argue that, in order to address the interlinked economic, ecological and climate crises, the EU should make a transition to a sustainable economy its overriding policy objective.

Source: EPC Publications | Towards a sustainable European economy by Toutia Daryoush, Annika Hedberg (formerly Ahtonen) and Romain Pardo

This paper published by think-tank, the European Policy Center, makes a number of good points. However, I sense that the authors as well as the EU have a deep bias towards sustainable development.

I too have a passionate interest in the environment and protecting it for future generations. However, I worry deeply that the European policy-makers and their advisors are missing the plot.

Surely, the overall priority has to be a cohesive strategy, with an effective delivery plan?

As a specialist in delivery strategy, in my judgement sustainable development should be a goal that is subordinated to effective strategy?