John McDonnell admits fiscal charter U-turn ‘confused’ Labour MPs ahead of party rebellion – Live – Telegraph

This Telegraph exclusive shares how Jeremy Corbyn was forced to back down just hours after threatening to sack shadow ministers who refused to oppose George Osborne‘s fiscal charter.

Source: John McDonnell admits fiscal charter U-turn ‘confused’ Labour MPs ahead of party rebellion – Live – Telegraph

This is an insightful article. It also highlights the risk of the hard-left, Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn doing further damage to the UK during a state visit from China’s president next week. Let’s hope that Corbyn is given a hand to tie his bow-tie for the Queen’s state banquet.

Corbynism is already damaging UK interests with loss of military sales. Soon financial markets will start to factor in the ‘Corbyn Risk’ to financial projections and asset prices.


One response

  1. The quicker this oafish “Dave Spart” is sent packing the better.
    Jeremy Corbyn has never run anything,met a payroll,been involved in business except to disrupt it and does not even follow the protocols necessary for him to do his job.
    He belongs in a 1970’s student union meeting or standing by a brazier next to a picket line and is a trades union dinosaur of the kind who once had beer and sandwiches with people like Callaghan ,a failed Prime Minister and with Harold Wilson another failed Prime Minister who was forced to resign under a cloud.
    Like Dr Alf I worry about this foolish man and the economic damage he can and is doing every time he opens his mouth.

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