Opinion – Rebellion looms for Jeremy Corbyn after policy reversal triggers day of chaos for Labour leadership – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Dr Alf should not worry because the Queen has effectively neutered Jeremy Corbyn, by not allowing him to function fully as a Privy Councillor until he observes the necessary protocols.

Corbyn was apparently walking in Scotland and guzzling beer with his fellow” Dave Sparts” when he was meant to be going through one of these processes with the Queen and her other Privy Councillors, so he is now effectively ostracised and rendered “persona non grata”.

The rebellions in the Labour Party will continue until someone like Benn or more likely Umunna plunges the knife into Corbyn’s back and takes over.

Until then the spirit of the Whitehall theatre the age of Brian Rix farce and the early arrival of the pantomime season will continue to entertain us for a little longer.

John Gelmini

Opinion – UK Labour: ‘A total f—ing shambles’ – POLITICO – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is correct, the current Labour party have conflicting policies and are not being led by the man who is supposedly in charge.

Policies on defence, immigration and economics are at odds with what the public wants, and what the public voted for.

The public want a benefit cap and a much more stringent approach to dole bludgers, yet Corbyn persists in the fantasy that says we can spend more money than we have, despite the fact that the true deficit is approaching £2 trillion GBP and worker productivity is 20th in the world, and our exports a fraction of what they need to be.

The Labour leadership is in turn split between those who agree with Corbyn’s “Voodoo economics” and those who are more sensible.

Corbyn does not get the secret defense briefings and is not being permitted by the Queen to be a full Privy Council member, which means that he has been voted in as Labour leader but is not recognised by her as a full leader of the Opposition.

He will in the end be replaced or sidelined by the cunning and untrustworthy Hilary Benn, or one of the others waiting in the wings, with their daggers ready to be plunged figuratively into “Dave Spart’s” back.

My money is on Umunna who plots and plans to take advantage of the confusion, rather than Benn whose ambition is naked and whose contempt towards Corbyn and his like oozes from his very being.

John Gelmini