America’s embrace of Islamophobia is new – but not surprising | Rula Jebreal | Comment is free | The Guardian

According to the left-wing biased UK newspaper, the Guardian, a crude, cruel and calculated closing of minds, spearheaded by conservative politicians and public figures is setting in across America.

Source: America’s embrace of Islamophobia is new – but not surprising | Rula Jebreal | Comment is free | The Guardian

This is a thoughtful article from the Guardian but it reaks of bias and prejudice.

Another alternative explanation is America’s deep embarassment at Obama‘s foreign policy failures. This at least is evidence based. Russia‘s media is rightly mocking America’s achievements in the Middle East.


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  1. The Guardian’s Rula Jebreal in this article brought to us by Dr Alf, should explain how certain verses in the Koran are compatible with Western values and how Sharia law, are compatible with Judeo-Christian ethics,the foundation of English Common Law, which is in turn the foundation of all American law Constitution.

    Proponents of Islam pretend that it is a peaceful religion, that Muslims are “misunderstood” and that only a tiny minority are radicalised.

    The reality is that Islam is against the values of the Guardian newspaper itself, which favours more liberalised divorce laws, gay marriage and the rights of woman.

    Further evidence for this can be found in the BBC 2015 survey of Muslims, which found that 11% favoured Muslims fighting against the West, 20% believe that Western liberal democracy cannot ever be compatible with Islam, 11% feel that organisations which publish images of the Prophet Mohamed deserve to be attacked.

    Rula Jebreal and Muslim apologists have nothing to say about the consequences of political Islam, so her article should be disregarded as the self serving nonsense that it is.

    Opinion in America is hardening against Muslims because they, like me, understand all too well that this religion as actually practiced is increasingly incompatable with the Western way of life and that too many of it’s adherents are radicalisers who need to be challenged.

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