Boris Johnson knocks child to ground in touch rugby – BBC News

According to the BBC, Boris Johnson knocks over a 10-year-old child while playing touch rugby in Japan.

Source: Boris Johnson knocks child to ground in touch rugby – BBC News

If you read this article carefully and look at the photos, you might think that this is ‘Boris the Bully’. But those of us that know the left-wing BBC better, will realize that it’s just another dose of ‘Bias at the BBC’.

Just like the camera in the photo, I often wonder if the BBC is an anachronism.

Surely, it’s time to remove the UK Treasury’s massive public subsidy of the BBC?


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  1. Like Dr Alf, I saw the photographs from the papers and the television coverage from the angles the BBC cameramen chose to use.

    The boy in question was apologised to by Boris, afterwards shook hands with Boris and the spectators all took the episode in good spirit.

    Indeed in one newspaper photograph a Japanese man, possibly a parent, can be seen laughing with a broad smile on his face, something which they rarely do in public.

    Boris has a persona which connects with people of all races and types and the BBC, a bloated organisation, fearful of losing it’s guilded position and ability to enrich it’s top people at our expense and appears ready to say, do and misrepresent anything that gets in it’s way. It is an anachronism that past it’s sell by date long ago. It needs to experience the “smell of napalm in the morning” and the top tier of management and their apparachiks need to be put to the sword with minimum payoffs and a P45.

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