Jeremy Corbyn to challenge Chinese President Xi Jinping on human rights in one-on-one meeting | UK Politics | News | The Independent

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the left-leaning UK Independent, Jeremy Corbyn will meet the Chinese President this week to raise the case of Liu Xiaobo, the only Nobel Prize-winner in the world under house arrest, and to call for the release of imprisoned human rights lawyers.  The Independent claims that the Labour leader had threatened to use a white-tie state banquet on Tuesday evening to raise human rights concerns with President Xi Jinping, prompting British and Chinese officials to quickly arrange a one-to-one meeting.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn to challenge Chinese President Xi Jinping on human rights in one-on-one meeting | UK Politics | News | The Independent

Clearly, David Cameron and George Osborne are careful not to embrass President Xi during his state visit with focus on human rights in China. Osborne has decided that Chinese gifts are moe important than other issues (see the excellent NYT article that suggests that the UK is putting commerce ahead of national security).

BUT Jeremy Corbyn, love him or loathe him, is currently the leader of the UK’s Labour Party. Corbyn may be a dangerous loose canon but his potential intervention is a power play. I bet David Cameron and George Osborne are seething.

Let me ask two open question:

Is it right to muzzle Corbyn? If so, how should it be done effectively?


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  1. Corbyn’s interventions are deeply damaging and whilst he is leader of the Labour party, he is not a Privy Councillor, cannot receive important intelligence briefings, and therefore cannot be an effective leader of the opposition.

    Dr Alf asks how he can be muzzled.

    As a non-Privy Councillor, he lacks security clearance, and should be excluded from state dinners, where he is likely to damage the interests of the country, as David Cameron did last year by meeting with the Dalai Lama.

    The UK is £2 trillion gbp in debt, has poor exports and crumbling infrastructure. It also has a run down, poorly equipped military and it has a record on human rights (illegal war in Iraq with 1 million casualties, Abu Graib, extraordinary rendition etc), which renders it prone to charges of blatant double standards when it through politicians tries to lecture others. Tony Blair was a Labour Party prime minister – this Corbyn’s party too.

    Any such pontificating is the province of countries which are rich enough not to need Chinese money not a bankrupt state on the edge of Europe that needs money and the help of Angela Merkel’s Germany to get concessions on EU membership.

    The days of us laying down the law and taking the moral high ground are well and truly over and it is time for us to “get real”.

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