Now austerity is hitting strivers, how will the Tories sell it? | Suzanne Moore | Comment is free | The Guardian

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The left-leaning Guardian highlights that the Conservative Party is split over tax-credit cuts – it maintains that some Conservative MPs are deeply uneasy about rhetoric suggesting working families won’t be worse off next April.

Source: Now austerity is hitting strivers, how will the Tories sell it? | Suzanne Moore | Comment is free | The Guardian

The Guardian signals the move from austerity-lite to full-blown austerity.

Now that George Osborne has an enlarged portfolio that seems to allow him to dictate both foreign and defense policies, I sense that he will not be willing to tinker with the economic works. Osborne is preoccupied with the state-visit from China. He has his sight set on boosting Britain’s high growth sectors. Osborne believes passionately in small government – he won’t worry about austerity fall-out on a few strivers.


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  1. Dr Alf brings us another piece of misrepresentation by the Guardian and of course the BBC.

    What is meant by “strivers” is people whose employers pay them very little, who have had children that they cannot afford and who expect the taxpayer to pay for them.

    The single mother who rabble roused on Question Time about her plight should have been confronted.
    To begin with why is the father of her children not being required to pay for their upkeep? If he is dead, disabled, mentally ill then fair enough but neither Dimbleby who still covets a Knighthood nor the supine panel, nor the Government Minister, Amber Rudd saw fit to question anything this woman was saying.

    UK employers have been underpaying people and then freeloading off the taxpayer for too long via Working Tax Credits.

    The Chancellor is right to tackle the abuse but Duncan Smith is right to suggest some transitional arrangements to blunt criticisms of “austerity”.

    The doomsayers should be faced down and those claiming impoverishment need to be questioned rigourously and made to face their responsibilities.

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