Before Palace Banquet for Xi Jinping, a Snub From Prince Charles – The New York Times

English: portrait HRH The Prince of Wales

English: portrait HRH The Prince of Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the liberal NYT, the prince’s refusal to attend the banquet for China’s leader is just one example of Britain’s attempt to balance commercial interests while not appearing to “kowtow” on rights.

Source: Before Palace Banquet for Xi Jinping, a Snub From Prince Charles – The New York Times

Sadly, the prince does not relate to the challenges of ordinary people. Ordinary people will say ‘bring on China if it brings a bit more prosperity’.

David Cameron and George Osborne have put commercial interests ahead of high principles. Similarly, America is selling four advanced warships to Saudi Arabia.

I sense that the prince is out of line?



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  1. This is typical of the so-called “Caring Prince Charlie”.

    The man lectures us on Global Warming and drives about in an air-conditioned Bentley, which he has transported ahead of him when visiting overseas.

    He writes letters to Government Ministers to influence policy and demands money from the Civil List plus extra money from the taxpayer whilst insisting that his letters and special lobbying remain private and he puts billions of pounds worth of trade, business and contracts at risk by being friends with the Dalai Lama.

    On the question of Tibet, that province has been part of China for as long as Hertfordshire has been part of the United Kingdom, so Prince Charles has no right to meddle in the affairs of another country by insisting that it be split up.

    He is an anachronism and not fit to be king which is why his mother the Queen refuses to step down and why she will skip a generation and effectively sideline this vain and wholly out of touch man.
    Hopefully the Chinese will not take Prince Charles’s snub too seriously but at some point a price will be paid but of course not by this featherbedded and out of date Prince.

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