Merkel deserves to survive migrant crisis – Reuters

According to this Reuters article, the German chancellor’s welcome to refugees is backfiring at home. It argues that critics abound in her own party, her popularity is low and right-wing populists are flourishing. But the article concludes that Merkel has two things in her favour: the German economy looks solid and her opponents lack a credible leader.

Source: Merkel deserves to survive migrant crisis

Personally, I’m not convinced that politics is that forgiving. Angela Merkel has been firefighting and has been light on strategy. Yes, she’s a formidable politician but she has recently demonstrated vulnerability and desperation in Turkey.


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  1. Dr Alf is right.

    The initial euphoria about the refugees, which emerged after Angela Merkel said that Germany could take a million of them, soon vanished once people discovered that there were 180 different nationalities amongst the migrants and that some migrants plaintively said “I would have thought after 2 months I should have been given a house and a job”.

    The fact that many of these so-called refugees were, and are, economic migrants, and that some of them refused meals because they were not prepared to suit Islamic tastes was also a factor in the hardening of attitudes by Germans and indeed all other Europeans.

    It was obvious to anyone with an iota of brainpower that this “Good Samaritan” logic only works when the numbers involved are small enough to be absorbed without the cultural norms of the host country being overwhelmed.

    Merkel as a nuclear physicist and intelligent woman should have understood this as should Hollande, Cameron and the rest of our useless European leaders.

    The German economy is fine now and the coming demographic problem can initially be solved by robots, automation, 3D printing, cybernetics and nanotechnology without the need to house a single refugee.
    Translating the German Constitution into Arabic was another mistake – if people want to live in a country, they must learn its language and customs. America insists on this and my late parents and millions of others whose language was not English had to learn whilst working when they came to the UK.

    Merkel is safe for now but is getting close to her “sell-by” date and will need to be replaced. The same applies to our other EU leaders except for David Cameron who has alegedly already obtained his next big job and is simply marking time until George Osborne takes over.

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