Opinion – Merkel seeks Turkey’s help over refugee crisis as new migrant bottleneck builds near Slovenia – Telegraph – John Gelmini

No Angela Merkel must not “up the ante” by promising Erdogan Turkish membership of the EU.

Erdogan with his Turkish secret police and help for ISIS and 400,000 Uighur terrorists being trained in Turkey is the cause of this so-called refugee crisis along with the Gulf states.

Merkel ought to be playing hardball with this duplicitous man and reminding him that most of the Turks in Germany are “guest workers”, who can be deported and replaced by robots.

Sadly, she will end up playing this man billions of Euros which will encourage him to engage in further acts of blackmail. The billions will come from the EU’s coffers, including generous support from the UK, France and other EU countries.

We deserve better from our so called leaders and David Cameron needs to face down religious leaders. 20,000 refugees is 20,000 too many, as we are overpopulated already.

I see nothing but trouble ahead because of Europe’s limp-wristed response.

Dr Alf will know that all Erdogan has to do is secretly encourage more refugees to leave Syria by funding and assisting ISIS whilst taking Merkel’s “Danegeld”.

Erdogan cannot be trusted to keep his part of any sordid “Faustian” pact, let alone this one.

With 70,000 Germans having signed the ‘impeach Merkel petition’, it is perhaps time for the trusting people of Germany to realize that Angela is perhaps no longer such a safe pair of hands?

John Gelmini

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