Morning Star :: Crime but no punishment

According to the socialist daily,  the UK’s Morning Star, the inertia plaguing historic child sexual abuse investigations of Establishment figures does not bode well for any final resolution.

Source: Morning Star :: Crime but no punishment

Regular readers of this blog will know that my political views are normally very different to those of the Morning Star. This blog tries to add two cents to media articles from right across the political and international spectrum.

This article was brought to my attention by my colleague John Gelmini. Having read the article, I am now deeply confused.

The article cites the BBC and I am deeply suspicious of the BBC’s biased left-wing reporting.

For me, the article summarizes events and appears to be evidence-based. Therefore, in the interest of justice and equality, I cannot understand why the UK government is not taking effective action?

On the other hand, the media has cited many prominent and deceased politicians who were leading public servants. For me, they should also be regarded as innocent until proven guilty.

The crime and no punishment headline is perhaps misleading with the deceased but the investigations seem to have crossed the desk of many live politicians and public servants.

Surely, it is not in the UK’s interests to suppress the truth related to alleged VIP pedophilia?


One response

  1. Like Dr Alf, I’m normally no fan or reader of the Morning Star and regard a trip to the newsagent to get the Daily Telegraph in much the same way as Moses might have felt on his return from the mountaintop bearing the 10 Commandments.

    That said, I find what the Morning Star says deeply disturbing.

    We know that the late Geoffrey Dickens MP had a file on paedophilia which named names which he handed to Leon Brittan before both of them died and we know that the Home Office which ordered the Lowell Goddard enquiry says that it cannot find that dossier.

    We know too that the satirical magazine Private Eye was actually giving the names of paedophiles including one with dementia who may not be fit to stand trial, more than 20 years ago and we know from the late Geoffrey Dickins’s son that the family home was burgled expertly afterwards.

    Private Eye looked into the Kincora Boys Home and into Bryn Estyn some years ago and the London Borough of Richmond investigated the Elm Guest House as did the police but again no really important people were arrested.

    The Lowell Goddard enquiry has had emailed accusations of paedophilia from the public purged from it’s recorded data and the entire enquiry process is said to be something that will take 8 years.
    One wonders why, if there is nothing to hide why files go missing, enquiries get compromised and police enquiries run into the sand amidst rumours of threats of loss of pension rights, the application of D notices and Special Branch seizing police notebooks and quoting the Official Secrets Act.

    Victims for some reason do not step foreward in a way which is not so different to the climate of fear that Mafia godfathers manage to induce in victims whose recollection of events suddenly changes.
    Without clear evidence and an unbroken audit trail leading to people who are guilty and still alive nothing will come of Lowell Goddard or any of these enquiries or police operations.

    The evidence that there has been having been made to vanish and hidden away by persons unknown so no trial can proceed and after many years no-one left alive will be there to remember anything.
    However in the intervening period politicians and those in authority cannot expect the public to have faith in the political or judicial processes no matter how many cases of Nick’s “fantasising are brought into the light of day.

    What they can expect is that the great unwashed masses will focus on their everyday concerns and get on with their lives on the basis that these alleged events cannot be changed and have little bearing on their lives.

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