Opinion – China warns Britain not to bring up human rights during Xi Jinping’s visit because he would be offended – John Gelmini

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is heavy handed but indicative of the position the UK has allowed itself to get into, by not exporting enough and getting ourselves into so much debt that we either have to cut off our nose to spite our face or behave as supplicants.

Dr Alf has brought us an interesting article from the Guardian and tonight we saw the BBC doing a piece on Xi Jin Ping via Panorama.

If we want Xi’s money and trade, we need to quietly eat humble-pie and get our own record on human rights into such good order that we become a model to follow.

Dealing with Saudi Arabia, a country that beheads more people than ISIS, and funds terrorism is not much of an example, nor is dealing with Qatar, another country that funds ISIS, takes bribes and  works migrant construction workers to death.

We need to target South America and countries in SE Asia outside China, and start selling things to them, and we need to cut the costs of central and local government so that we can unleash the private sector and start earning our own way.

Then with financial independence and a cleaner bill of health, we can moralise and pontificate a bit about human rights if we must.

John Gelmini

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