Canada’s new leader to pull planes from anti-Islamic State coalition – The Washington Post

English: A map of Canada exhibiting its ten pr...

English: A map of Canada exhibiting its ten provinces and three territories, and their capitals. (Lambert conformal conic projection from The Atlas of Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Washington Post, Canada‘s new leader, Justin Trudeau informed President Obama that he would make good on a campaign promise of pulling planes from the anti-Islamic coalition.

Source: Canada’s new leader to pull planes from anti-Islamic State coalition – The Washington Post

Canada’s previous government was conservative in many ways, including economic and foreign policy. Most critically they were strong supporters of Israel and suspicious of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Trudeau has won a commanding victory. I am reminded of the Tony Blair victory in the UK when Blair had a commanding majority too. Blair inherited a strong economy but squandered his political mandate and his Labour Party successor, Gordon Brown, left the UK deeply in debt, following the 2008 financial crisis. History is now proving that Blair’s vanity dragged the UK into the Iraq war.

The context for Trudeau offers many dark clouds – lower commodity prices have deeply questioned the competitiveness of Canada’s industry. Like in Australia, too many people in Canada are deeply exposed to the next property bubble.

I sense that the young Trudeau may want to outshine his famous father and could well take Canada up a number of high-risk paths. The danger signs will be borrowing, bloated bureaucracies in the public sector and uncompetitive industries. The greater the risks, the weaker the Canadian Dollar. Perhaps, Trudeau’s legacy will be to open up Canada to mass-tourism on the back of a falling Canadian Dollar?


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  1. Perhaps Trudeau the younger plans to curry favour with Qatar,Saudi Arabia and Kuwait who fund ISIS by getting them to inwardly invest in Canada as a means to upgrade Canada’s industries and infrastructure?

    Like Dr Alf I think this man has a legacy to create but no real experience and solid track record to produce it.

    We will have to see what this “young pretender” does in practice but nothing in his past suggests that he is half the man his father was or that he has the credentials of his predecessor,the stolid but reasonably effective Harper.

    As an apparachik who will be told what to do and when to do it by the Queen’s Governor General he may yet produce some burnished credentials but he is yet to become “his own man” and step out from his father’s shadow.

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