france 24 – What is Britain doing to help the Calais migrant crisis? – France 24

France 24

France 24 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

France’s news agency France 24 reports that French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve visited the northern port city of Calais on Wednesday amid mounting calls to improve living conditions for migrants there. The article searchingly questioned ‘what is Britain doing to help resolve the crisis’?

Source: france 24 – What is Britain doing to help the Calais migrant crisis? – France 24

At the moment, the UK media is totally focused on China’s state visit to the UK.

France’s media is surely right to focus that the UK government is not sufficiently focused on immigration?


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  1. Dr Alf is right,the UK Government is not sufficiently focussed on immigration and is allowing 7 million illegal immigrants to remain here and allowing in 350,000 legal migrants a year and more illegal migrants who it will not be able to deport.
    This is because they can acquire any one of several identities by dint of purchasing one of the 19 million spare NI numbers plus matching documentation.
    The documentation is produced by criminal gangs with origins in Africa and Eastern Europe plus our own home grown people smugglers and people in rogue religeous establishments centred on particular communities.
    The UK Government mothballed it’s only coastal protection vessel back in 2012 and has written off £2.2 billion gbp for E-Borders an electronic system for counting people into and out of the country using embedded chips in passports.
    The E-Borders project which was a joint effort between BT Global Services and Raytheon Corporation of America who were brought in because the UK lacked the technical expertise to go it alone(I have this first hand from a technologist who worked on this project for over 1 year).
    The French if they have nothing else certainly have chutzpah,it is not our job to deal with a migrant crisis which has a simple solution namely full scale repatriation to somewhere like Libya once we have collectively secured it militarily.
    Improving conditions in Calais will simply encourage more of these people to come as they are now beginning to do in Cyprus at the British military base of Akroteri.
    Doubtless ,because Akroteri is a British sovereign base the migrants will demand asylum and jobs in the UK.
    Europe seems intent on selling its citizens down the river and traducing its Judeo Christian heritage.
    It will do so at its peril.

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