David Cameron faces pressure to back sugar tax | Society | The Guardian

English: Male abdominal obesity.

English: Male abdominal obesity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the left-leaning UK Guardian, the prime minister has been urged to consider levy in response to official report on childhood obesity. After months of delay,  the controversial report is finally published.

Source: David Cameron faces pressure to back sugar tax | Society | The Guardian

I find it deeply worrying that the Conservative Government has delayed the publication of this report.

Obesity in the UK is an epidemic sized issue. It impacts healthcare costs and productivity.

I fear that there’s a powerful food and drinks industry lobby that trying to delay action.


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  1. Dr Alf is right, David Cameron needs to find his cojones as does Jeremy Hunt.

    Jamie Oliver is right, the country needs variable taxes on foods which bear down hardest on sugar and salt content and force people to improve their eating habits.

    The whining of the poor, deserving or otherwise about food prices must be ignored; they consume too much alcohol, need to learn how to cook, and are frequently too lazy to prepare foods even though a lot of them are benefits recipients with time on their hands. Certainly they have time to drink cheap Vodka and beer, smoke cigarettes and “vape” and often the money to service recreational drug habits, purchase tattoos and go to downmarket holiday locations.

    In Letchworth, Hertfordshire, near where I live, they can be seen outside the “Three Magnets” public house following their weekly and fortnightly visits the Jobcentre guzzling beer as if there were no tomorrow. Similar scenes can be observed the length and breadth of the land but local authorities do nothing to zone out establishments which sell unhealthy food or educate their ratepayers on healthy eating, diet and exercise.

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