Opinion – Insight – Fragmented post-recession Europe harder to govern | Reuters – John Gelmini

Subregions of Europe (UN geoscheme)

Subregions of Europe (UN geoscheme) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Reuter’s article via Dr Alf, is a statement of the obvious, and represents an attempt by official news media to separate two issues which are interlinked and have a direct bearing on each other.

Countries with small populations which are wealthy, well-endowed with natural resources, properly run and have indigenous populations who follow one prevailing culture are easy to govern and usually show up well on global indices such as corruption perception and human development. Norway is probably top in the world on most of these indicators and is a good example of how things could and should be done. The rest of Europe without the latest alien influx of refugees and economic migrants is split between Northern Europe which is reasonably well run and the South which is not.

The fault line exists between Northern Italy where my late father came from and Southern Italy from where my late mother emigrated.

Europe since the banking crash was governable overall because most people could get houses and most adults could get jobs. However, it got harder when most young people could not get jobs and harder still when economic migrants following alien non-Judeo-Christian thought processes started to come in large numbers.

To have full employment, you need 3% economic growth but Europe has had much less than that and what there has been having been distributed unfairly in many cases.

Imagining that people will swallow this forever and put up with the consequences of AI, automation, robotics, outsourcing, cybernetics, 3D printing, offshoring and now unlimited numbers of refugees (they keep coming), is fantasy.

European Governments under the Bilderbergers need to think again if they imagine people are going to be easy to govern under those conditions but still they try it on.

John Gelmini

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