Experts attack claims that bacon is ‘as big a cancer threat as smoking’ – Telegraph

Some sausages grilling

Some sausages grilling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the UK’s Telegraph, following reports that the WHO is expected to publish a report listing processed meat as a cancer-causing substance, experts have criticised suggestions that bacon and sausages could be as dangerous as smoking.

Source: Experts attack claims that bacon is ‘as big a cancer threat as smoking’ – Telegraph

Quoting so-called experts is not enough. The evidence must be published by the so-called experts. Also the experts must state their bias and links to the food manufacturing industry.

For me, the WHO guidelines should prevail.

In the UK, we have seen from the delayed proposal to introduce a ‘sugar-tax’ that powerful lobbyists are at play.

Poor diet is creating a pandemic and governments must respond with effective action.

Also I’m surprised that the Telegraph can’t spell ‘sausages’. Don’t newspapers have spell-checkers?


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  1. The food industry and the farming lobby are very powerful as Dr Alf suggests and the fact that red meat is potentially carcinogenic is well-known.

    Processed foods have too much sugar, salt and chemical content, and the plastic wrappers and packaging material contain Bisphenol A, which is itself carcinogenic and gender bending.

    I now eat very little red meat and hardly any processed food and the red meat I do eat comes from a local farm and is traceable to the very field the animals were kept in.

    All that said, it is to some degree a matter of personal choice because otherwise we would be putting British farmers out of business, a process which started under the Labour Government of Tony Blair when the smug and useless Margaret Beckett was the Minister in charge of DEFRA. Currently 5000 farmers go out of business a year, usually through bankruptcy and 100 commit suicide.

    We need to get people to eat more healthily and stop our farmers going out of business at the same time because if we do not we will be at the mercy of food exporters abroad and to the possibility of being starved to death by an enemy in the event of a blockade or future war.

    The problem is not insoluble and consists of:

    1) Education and the promotion of Nutribullets and Nutri Ninja’s
    2) Facing down the food and plastics industry
    3) Using zoning laws to design in healthy food outlets and design out too many of the current crop of fast food outlets
    4) Changing farming subsidies, so that more healthy food is grown and raised but at a pace which allows farmers to transition smoothly from the status-quo to where we need to be
    5) Banning Bisphenol A and harmful chemicals
    6) Opting out of the Codex Alimentarius
    7) Promoting locally sourced food to reduce shipping movements and truck movements which are diesel powered and create carcinogenic NXO pollution
    8) Variable taxes on foods
    9) Domestic science classes at schools and special cookery classes for those who do not know how to cook
    10) Time management apps on smartphones to eliminate the bogus excuses of UK workers who are now 20th in the world for productivity, when they claim not to have enough time to go shopping for ingredients or to prepare and cook food.

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