Tony Blair sparks Army family fury as he says he’s sorry mistakes of OTHER people over Iraq War – Daily Mail

English: Tony Blair Deutsch: Tony Blair

English: Tony Blair Deutsch: Tony Blair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Daily Mail reports that Tony Blair was last night accused of a ‘cynical spin operation’, after offering a feeble half-apology for the Iraq War. The article quotes bereaved families saying that the former PM was ‘passing the buck for his mistakes’.

Source: Tony Blair sparks Army family fury as he says he’s sorry

This is a truly disgraceful situation. I agree with the families who argue that the buck has to stop with Blair.

The publication of the Chilcot enquiry seems to be delayed to allow Blair to deflect attention from the full weight of the findings.

Apart from the soldiers who lost their lives for their country, there is the catastrophe in the Middle East that was triggered by the release of the ‘weapons of mass destruction spin’.

Surely, David Cameron’s government must intervene and bring justice to bear?


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  1. Sadly, the buck will not stop with Blair and he will not be tried as a war criminal or made to pay a penny towards the hapless victims of his and Bush’s illegal war in Iraq.

    Nor will it stop with the Neocons, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld,Perle, Frum et al who in conjunction with others planned the removal of Saddam Hussein and the Balkanising of Iraq.

    Dr Alf and many others would like the present Government to provide justice for the families of the ill equipped and poorly protected soldiers who lost their lives needlessly on a bogus prospectus of “weapons of mass destruction”.

    I used to know the director of Condor Construction, who was in charge of works in Iraq and over 4000 men engaged in the building of towns, villages and roads in that country. He died tragically some years ago but at the time he was in Iraq, Saddam Hussein was very much in favour with the West and had 1600 doubles. Our concern then was construction contracts and oil wealth. “Re-ordering the Middle Eastern chessboard” came later at a Bilderberg meeting, when it was decided that Saddam Hussein would have to go and that the country would be broken up into three entities, one Kurdish,one Sunni and one Shiite.

    Both Cameron and Osborne are Bilderbergers as is Gordon Brown, Kenneth Clarke and Tony Blair, plus the two Miliband brothers and Simon Hughes the Liberal Democrat. There is in many ways not much difference between any of them. These people plus the usual suspects, Dr Kissinger and the corporate titans were all privy to the concept of the “Arc of Crisis” which is the name they gave to perpetual upheaval in the Middle East, part of which was embodied in the invasion of Iraq. All of these people were and are partially culpable but Blair and Bush should be singled out for most approbium.

    Chilcott will not bring closure because he is a weak ineffectual and ponderous figure, whose work is too slow, and who will not in the last analysis bring anyone to anything like justice or even to the point where someone else could do so.

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