BBC Bias – Mental Health

Left-wing bias is widespread in BBC’s reporting of mental health in the UK. Open this link for a simple Google News search entitled ‘BBC mental health’.

For bias in BBC television reporting try to look at the following:

Sign Zone: Britain’s Mental Health Crisis – Panorama – 8.30pm Oct. 26, 2015.
Photo: under copyright

The programme goes inside one of the UK’s largest frontline mental health trusts, following the teams through their daily decision-making process of who to let in and who to send home. The film shows nurses dealing with people who are suicidal, aggressive or isolated in their community, and hears how the system is so overloaded and other support services so depleted that staff feel they often struggle to meet all their patients’ needs

Runtime: 30 minutes (finished 6 hours 34 minutes ago)

Rather than reporting using best objective or subjective standards, I am convinced that the BBC starts with a highly politicized conclusion and then looks for evidence. It’s a disgrace.

Do your own research, take a subject like the WHO’s health guidelines on processed meat and compare the BBC to other liberal papers like the NYT or the Guardian.  Here’s the BBC’s coverage of the same subject. It’s the BBC headlines that are most politically charged. One wonders if they employ highly paid political spin-doctors (funded out of state subidy)?

Given that the BBC is so politically biassed surely, it’s time to slash the public subsidy of the BBC or better still privatize the BBC?


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