Opinion – Abstaining from alcohol heals the liver, lower blood pressure and cholesterol | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is correct but unless drastic action is taken to curb people’s alchohol consumption, the effects of which are well known, the NHS which is bloated, inefficient and badly run, will implode.

This Royal Free study should not be needed but action on pensioners who abuse the A&E system and clutter up GP surgeries when nothing is wrong with them would be a start and charging people who fight and drink at the weekend would be another powerful signal to those who imagine that the NHS is a bottomless money pit.

The NI system became insolvent in 2000—-I saw the secret submissions to Government which were never published and never reported on. This needs to be made public along with the fact that until three years ago it was paid for out of Petroleum Revenue Tax and more recently allegedly money plundered from the “Good Causes” fund of the National Lottery. When that proved insufficient after people drove less and Petroleum Revenue tax receipts fell following the aftermath of the banking crisis, the price of Lottery Tickets from the National Lottery was doubled.

There’s only one effective solution – namely to dismantle the NHS and replace it with a new public healthcare system modeled on the world’s best practice, like in France, Italy, Germany and Singapore. Unfortunately, the UK’s political classes are too weak to tell the public the truth.

John Gelmini

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