The Military Escalation in Iraq and Syria – Editorial – The New York Times

Iraq Syria Locator

Iraq Syria Locator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this excellent editorial from the NYT, the United States is being drawn ever more deeply into a war that lacks legal authorization and an attainable end goal.

Source: The Military Escalation in Iraq and Syria – The New York Times

This important article raises some critical questions about Obama’s policies, both in terms of legality and objectives.

I fear that Obama has been caught on the back foot by Putin. Obama’s sudden change of policy, recognizing his previous failures, is deeply worrying. The critical word in the NYT headline is ‘escalation’.

So far the military and political endgame, along with their associated risks of contagion is far from clear.


Opinion – Obama weighs moving U.S. troops closer to front lines in Syria, Iraq – The Washington Post – John Gelmini

This is an interesting post from Dr Alf but Obama is too late because Russia is already dealing with ISIS.

America is not going to put “boots on the ground” in sufficient numbers to deal with ISIS terrorists nor any other jihadists, so Obama’s agonising about his legacy is a total irrelevance. Putin has Obama ‘in check’.

John Gelmini