Family planning policy sees big overhaul – People’s Daily Online

English: Logo of the People's Daily 中文: 人民日报题字

English: Logo of the People’s Daily 中文: 人民日报题字 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The semi-official People’s Daily reports on the change in policy in China to allow couples to have two children. The People’s Daily is closely associated with China’s Communist Party.

Source: Family planning policy sees big overhaul – People’s Daily Online

The article cites Yuan Xin, a population scientist at Nankai University in Tianjin, who sits on an expert panel of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, saying that scrapping the family planning policy remained a long way off but “The new initiative will be much better received among the Chinese people than the previous policy relaxation and will help boost China’s labor supply in the long run.”

As a regular reader of the People’s Daily, I am surprised by the terseness of this article. It’s almost as if this a public statement of the Chinese Communist Party.

Wealthy Chinese families have long been able to take up residence in countries like Cyprus and have more than one child.


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  1. The Chinese have had to relax the one-child policy because of the problems caused by an ever expanding army of elderly Chinese pensioners and not enough young working taxpayers to support them.
    Relaxing the policy will, of course, mean that more jobs have to be found for these younger workers to do than the Chinese economy can create, so the “Go Out/Bring Back In ” policy of getting unskilled and entrepreneurial people to emigrate and send money back home will have to be stepped up in parallel and then balanced against moves towards a high-tech consumer-led economy.

    As robotics and 3D printing, AI and nanotechnology become more prevalent, fewer and fewer educated workers will be needed to perform the tasks not readily capable of being automated, and more of the more practically minded will have to be directed and supported into self-employment or migration under to Go Out/Bring Back In policy.

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