Opinion – Iran Wades Further Into the Syrian Swamp – Middle East News – Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News Source – John Gelmini

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this interesting article, via Haaretz brought to us by Dr Alf, Syria is a quagmire, but Iran is duty bound to support its allies as are the Russians. If they did not do so, then the entire concept of having allies and coming to their assistance would be meaningless.

Assad is an odious individual and the Syrian people would probably be better off without him, but we in the West need to consider carefully who might replace him and the real consequences of a Balkanised Syria.

America and Britain plus France want to replace Assad and Balkanise Syria into three states and America wants to then “take-down” Iran and start dismembering Russia, even though it does not state this publicly through its official spokespersons. It’s real intentions are there for all to see on the PNAC website, which was authored by people like Paul Wolfowitz, Frum, John Bolton, Richard Pearle and less directly by Dr Henry Kissinger. Paul Wolfowitz describes this process as “Draining the swamp”.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait are the sponsors and funders of terrorists and Turkey, one of our supposed Western allies in NATO, is trying to use terrorists to help it rebuild the Ottoman Empire. Turkey also supports the Uighurs in China and has alegedly 400,000 of them in Turkey being trained for jihad and the violent breakaway of this part of China which has been part of that country far longer than my own county of Hertfordshire has been part of England and the United Kingdom (well over 900 years).

The aim of Saudi Arabia through questionables agents and mosque building around the world is to build a Global Caliphate and to eliminate all non-Muslims that do not follow the Wahabi faith. I suggest that perhaps Saudi Arabia is potentially more dangerous threat to the wider world than Iran.

John Gelmini

Leadership needed to improve End of Life Care, say MPs – News from Parliament – UK Parliament

English: Parliament buildings London UK

English: Parliament buildings London UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you live in the UK, take some time to read this worrying report this weekend. The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee has published the dying without dignity report.

Source: Leadership needed to improve End of Life Care, say MPs – News from Parliament – UK Parliament

Personally, I do not currently live in the UK but am deeply concerned how elderly people, most who have worked and paid taxes all their lives, are treated so shabbily in their twilight years. Of course, part of the answer is excessive austerity. But the collapse of healthcare standards in the UK is also to do with politics, public administration, powerful unions and vested interests. Surely, people should be treated as customers or clients by the state?