Opinion – Commission vague about fiscal leeway for refugees | EurActiv – John Gelmini

I take strong issue with the premises behind this Eur Activ article brought to us by Dr Alf.

There were not “Unusual events beyond the control of member states”; the events were entirely predictable as what happens whenever there is a total war, refugees result and those pushing their luck plus economic migrants join them.

If country A has a high standard of living, lax or no border controls, then refugees from other countries from B to Z will gravitate towards it, like a magnet, and if no distinction is made between refugees and economic migrants then both will come, just as they are doing.

Existing financial arrangements need to be changed, not for the benefit of refugees and economic migrants but for the benefit of the people of Europe as a whole, if they are to be changed at all. The EU has set in train a series of events that will in a few short years, destroy it unless people say enough.

John Gelmini

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