Opinion – Poland turns right – A conservative enigma | The Economist – John Gelmini

The effects of mass migration into Europe on the present scale is unprecedented and should never have been permitted for obvious reasons of lack of finance, jobs, housing and infrastructure.

EU spokespersons, and people like Angela Merkel, and the media telling us that Governments should “do more” because the crisis has to be “managed” and will continue, have it exactly wrong.

It is not our problem and we have a right to preserve our heritage, customs and way of life, which is rooted deeply in Judeo-Christian ethics.

Our ancestors fought and died to preserve that heritage, including the time when invading Turks were held back at the gates of Vienna in 1683, and the Battle of Milvian Bridge in what is now Hungary, when the Roman Emperor, Constantine, held back a million strong invading army with a force a fraction of that size.

Our leaders need to regain control of our borders as Tony Abbott managed to do in Australia, otherwise Europe risks the hard-right taking control.

John Gelmini

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