10 steps to mental health equality | Comment is free | The Guardian

English: Centre for Mental Health logo

English: Centre for Mental Health logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article from the Guardian is a must-read. It argues that after public figures signed a letter demanding parity of esteem for mental health care, the author proposes ten things that need to change to end the crisis.

Source: 10 steps to mental health equality | Comment is free | The Guardian

The article is biased and takes a position against the policies of David Cameron’s government.

A casual reader of the article could easily identify with the points raised and superficially conclude that they make sense, therefore the problem is with the UK’s current right-wing government.

Here’s where it gets complicated.

I think the whole of the UK’s political spectrum agree that there’s a crisis in mental health care. Unfortunetely, the viewpoints of politicians and journalists are seriously coloured by their political views.

For me, the problem needs top quality strategic thinking, without bias and spin.

In this blog, John Gelmini and I have repeatedly argued that a strategic approach to the UK’s public health and care needs to be ready to scrap the NHS and the powerful vested interests within it. AND then let’s start again to build a UK best-practice public healthcare system, benchmarked on global best practice.

For sure, more young people are getting mental illnesses and concurrently increasing number of the UK’s elderly are facing dementia. It’s a time bomb and it’s already primed.

 Isn’t it time for the political classes to come clean about UK public health care?


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