Russian plane crash: Sharm el-Sheikh airport security concerns raised after tourists ‘pay £20 to skip bag checks’ | Africa | News | The Independent

UK entry stamp from Gatwick Airport

UK entry stamp from Gatwick Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the UK’s Independent newspaper, security concerns have been raised at Sharm el-Sheikh airport after a British holidaymaker claims he was “offered the chance to pay £20 to skip queues and baggage checks”. The article reports that Dale Parkyn, who visited the Egyptian resort with his wife earlier this year, told Sky News they were approached by a man in military uniform and asked if they wanted to avoid the long queues.

Source: Russian plane crash: Sharm el-Sheikh airport security concerns raised after tourists ‘pay £20 to skip bag checks’ | Africa | News | The Independent

This story castes a serious cloud over the security regime at Sharm el-Sheikh airport.

Having flown through hundreds of airports, I understand the challenge. There are a number of dilemmas, latest technology versus manual inspection. Similarly, there’s a question over airport employed staff versus contractors.

Let’s face it though, the UK is far from state-of-the-art on airport technology and in my view relies far to heavily on contract employees. In the UK, these contract employees can often be quite rude and intimidating – if a passenger objects, the chances are that they’ll miss their flight. Many countries like India and China by comparison run world-class airports, with latest technology and well-trained and disciplined security staff.

As the UK media give Sharm el-Sheikh airport a tough time, I think it’s worth remembering that UK airports have a few problems too.


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  1. Indeed, Egypt is a 3rd world country with 3rd world security measures and a suppressed problem of Islamic radicalization.
    People who fly to Egypt and other 3rd world countries cannot expect the same standards of airport security that they would experience in America, Germany or Shanghai.
    British holidaymakers in too many cases are like pet owners, are boorish ,rude and troublesome and fail to do their research on the countries they have visited or plan to visit.
    When they go to places which border on war zones and which contain radicalised Muslims in large numbers they should understand the risks and either not go to those locations or accept the risks and not expect sympathy from the rest of us when things go wrong.
    Dr. Alf may know that at least 50% of several newscasts by the media have been about the opinions expressed by these holidaymakers about being inconvenienced in Sharm el Sheikh by not being able to fly with their main luggage.
    Now we have to put up with them complaining about David Cameron’s actions which were designed to prevent British deaths and doubtless they will be suing for compensation as well.

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