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This image shows Angela Merkel who is the Chan...

This image shows Angela Merkel who is the Chancellor of Germany. The image was taken one day before Merkel received the International Charlemagne Prize of the city of Aachen (Karlspreis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Dr Alf knows, there is no such thing as an indispensable anything, let alone an indispensable German or European politician.

Eventually, people run out of road and usefulness and need to find other ways to spend their time or earn a living.

Angela Merkel is a clever woman, who initially trained as a nuclear physicist and who subsequently was alegedly “anointed” as the chosen choice for the post of Chancellor of Germany by her fellow Bilderbergers meeting in secret.

The dowdy image she originally possessed was carefully restructured as she, in much the same way as Hillary Clinton has been, was repackaged as a sharper looking woman, with expensive jackets and carefully crafted soundbites.

Part of her mission was to make Germany the undisputed master of Europe and then to drive the process of “ever closer union”, as part of a bigger push towards what will eventually be a global union. At this juncture, Europe will have to be “enlarged” to include Turkey and the Ukraine and ordinary people see this quite rightly as Islamification of a largely Judeo-Christian modern version of the “Holy Roman Empire”.

The mass migration from 180 different countries, including Syria is an attempt to force the pace of this, and was entirely predictable as a consequence of this “indispensable “Angela opening her mouth and inviting the so called refugees into Germany. Just as I predicted, and many others could see plainly, the consequence of this mass migration will be to turn Europe’s indigenous populations into minorities in their own countries.

Angela Merkel has presided over this process and wants German and other European taxpayers to foot the bill. Most Europeans want this process to stop now.  Non-German Europeans, and increasingly Germans too, will see that it is time for Angela to be replaced, by another clever person who understands that things have changed.

John Gelmini

Death rate is rising for middle-aged white Americans – MarketWatch

Barack Obama at the University of Nevada, Las ...

Barack Obama at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Presidential Health Care Forum, March 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MarketWatch cites a new survey and reports that suicides, alcohol and drug overdoses, plus death from chronic liver diseases largely drive a reversal of decades of longevity gains.

Source: Death rate is rising for middle-aged white Americans – MarketWatch

The article concludes that drinking, drugs and suicide are so widespread that they have offset declines in other major causes of death in midlife, such as lung cancer, citing the study.

Interesting the trend is most marked for people with lower educational results. This is the group for whom jobs have been off shored or replaced by technology. All of this has been happening on Obama‘s watch. Whilst Friday’s financial news is dominated with the story of the unexpected spike in jobs growth, it’s important to look at the quality of the jobs. Traditional jobs are not being replaced – new jobs are often minimum wage, like stacking supermarket shelves or working in a fast food store.

Again Obama used up his political capital on reforming US healthcare. BUT this is ignored by middle-aged white Americans who are increasingly turning to drinking, drugs and suicide. Poorer blacks have struggled under Obama too. It’s the wealthy and the privileged who have benefited most under Obama. Soon Obama will join the wealthy and privileged group too.