Metrojet plane crash: black boxes suggest bomb, Putin halts flights to Egypt | The Australian

The Australian newspaper reports that analysis of black boxes from the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt killing 224 people points to a bomb. They cited sources close to the probe. Also Moscow has now halted flights to the country.

Source: Metrojet plane crash: black boxes suggest bomb, Putin halts flights to Egypt | The Australian

With mounting evidence of a bomb being the most likely explanation, the story picks up the aftermath. The US has stepped up security scanning for US flights originating in the Middle East. Egypt facees destruction of her tourist industry once again,  thanks to the terrorists.

I sense that attention will now return to President Putin as he considers Russia options to redress the killing of 224 Russian citizens.


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  1. Dr Alf knows that the “eye for an eye” approach to avenging the deaths of one’s own citizens is not one that I would normally advocate because it leads to blood feuds of the type you get between warring Mafia clans in Sicily and the “Hatfield and McCoy” generational feuds of the Wild West.
    However, a co-ordinated Russian response is inevitable. Putin will not behave like Obama.

    There are historical parallels too, in our collective failure to deal with Hitler at an early stage, as he was amassing his power created the conditions for a Second World War, which went on for much longer than it needed to, and in earlier times we failed to recognise the Global ambitions of the Kaiser and of Napoleon before that.

    There’s an urgent need for some foreign policy reality checks. The Arabists in the UK foreign office need to take off their Lawrence of Arabia rose-tinted-spectacles and understand, once and for all, that despotic Gulf regimes and Wahabis, exporting terror, are not simply to be seen as a source of revenue from arms sales but are dangerous fanatics, with large amounts of support in Muslim communities in Western countries.

    Similarly, President Erdogan is not a true NATO ally; he seems procuppied with recreating the Ottoman Empire, using ISIS foot soldiers as his pawns.

    The immediate problem is dealing with ISIS itself and for that the West probably need conscription and the formation of a very large army. We have mass unemployment in many countries, so two years on mandatory armed service for the conscripts would be a useful way to solve the unemployment problem, albeit temporarily.


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