How Sweden, the most open country in the world, was overwhelmed by migrants – Telegraph

English: (Green) Sweden. (Light-green) The Eur...

English: (Green) Sweden. (Light-green) The European Union (EU). (Grey) Europe. (Light-grey) The surrounding region. See also: Category:SVG locator maps of countries of Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this Telegraph article, Sweden used to pride itself on giving a warm welcome to outsiders – but as the refugee crisis grows, so too does its sense of injustice.

Source: How Sweden, the most open country in the world, was overwhelmed by migrants – Telegraph

Like most of Europe, Sweden has reacted to the migration/refugee crises but is missing a fundamental strategy. Now immigration is questioning the values in Sweden’s liberal democracy.

The article contrasts Sweden to the UK, and supports David Cameron‘s policy priorities.

The point is that both Sweden and the UK have changed fundamentally because of immigration policies. It’s time for European countries to develop and effective strategy.


3 responses

  1. Sweden has been overwhelmed and so will the rest of Europe.
    The UK is grossly overpopulated with a housing shortage of 12 million.
    The solution is to send them to Libya after we have cleared out the militants and preserve our Judeo Christian heritage.
    Dr Alf is right to bring us this interesting story because sooner or later people’s patience with these often ungrateful economic migrants is going to snap.

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