Universal Credit Stuck In The Slow Lane As Government Told Roll-Out Plans ‘Not Credible’ | Welfare Weekly

According to this article, the UK Government has been told plans to fully roll-out Universal Credit within five years are not “credible”.

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English: A flow-chart of the procedure for passing a bill through the British Parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Source: Universal Credit Stuck In The Slow Lane As Government Told Roll-Out Plans ‘Not Credible’ | Welfare Weekly

Universal Credit is an ambitious program to rationalize the benefit system, reducing transaction costs and saving millions of pounds.

Unfortunately, the ambitious plan has run into both political and delivery challenges.

There is widespread opinion that the benefit syatem is broken and seriously abused, which justifies radical change.

However, as ther article points out, the government’s policies are a bit flaky in places, without detailed research evidence.

Let me ask an open question:

Should the universal credit program be scrapped, modified or replaced?


Opinion – Paul Krugman: Despair, American style | The Kansas City Star – John Gelmini

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English: US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron trade bottles of beer to settle a bet they made on the U.S. vs. England World Cup Soccer game (which ended in a tie), during a bilateral meeting at the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada, Saturday, June 26, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The legacy of President Obama is going to be one of profound disappointment.

Dr Alf has hit the nail on the head in what he says but the American Dream is still in existence despite President Obama’s attempts to damage it with ill thought out environmental policies, free trade agreements which destroy American jobs, corporate taxation designed to drive tax avoiders offshore rather than remaining onshore and foreign policies which upset practically everyone.

This is because Obama is out of touch with economics, lacks the aggressive, laser-like focus that is needed to turn the country round, formulate wise foreign policy and compete with the major economies of the Far East.

Worse than that, Obama has no empathy for the ordinary man or woman in the street and does not care whether they have a job or not.
Originally he promised “hope and change” and used NLP to trick his way into office by delivering differently packaged messages to different audiences.

More recently we have had the advance of automation, robotics, nanotechnology, cybernetics and the expansion of Artificial Intelligence(AI) which according to Eric Schmidt of Google will destroy 50% of American jobs by 2033.

President Obama knew about the speech by Schmidt because it was made at a Bilderberg conference, at which Hillary Clinton and Dr Kissinger were both present, held in the Grove Hotel, near Watford, just 28 miles from my house.

Despite knowing that this would destroy lives and millions of jobs, Obama has never once articulated a meaningful policy to address these problems and because he is patrician and aloof does not concern himself with middle-class Americans, especially men.

Since these men have to compete with the offshoring of many of their jobs, younger and cheaper graduates and the rise of the machines, many of them lose hope as their jobs disappear and their savings are depleted.

Lost hope leads to drinking, depression and troubled behaviours which I suspect is a leading cause of these middle-class male suicides.

John Gelmini