Revealed: Social Experiments To ‘Nudge’ Sick And Disabled Into Work | Welfare Weekly

Sketch map of Whitehall, London, showing the p...

Sketch map of Whitehall, London, showing the position of the major UK Government buildings there (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this article, the UK Government is conducting ‘social experiments’ on sick and disabled people, to find ways of pushing them into employment.

Source: Revealed: Social Experiments To ‘Nudge’ Sick And Disabled Into Work | Welfare Weekly

Despite being conservative in my political views, I identify with some of the threads in this article.

I believe in small and efficient government, with policies that are properly evidence-based, rather than pandering to political sponsors. However, it’s important to have appropriate social safety nets for the sick and disabled.

Some years ago, I was involved with Remploy, the partially UK government funded organization that created work for the disabled. Austerity has reduced Remploy to a shadow of its earlier self.

I worry that the UK government prefers short-term political wins, rather than strategically defined choices, based on rigorous evidence-based policy.


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  1. Like Dr Alf I’m a Conservative and favour small cost efficient Government with few civil servants,lean processes and some commonsense.
    Whilst the DWP has to reduce dole bludging and the former scandal of the incapacity benefit system with wheelchair bound people going on cruise Liners and the moment the ship casts off zimmer frames and walking sticks end up in a pile in the corner.
    All this prior to nights of heavy drinking and disco dancing followed by debauchery ,suggesting that a lot of these people were not really sick at all.
    If one passes the Three Magnets public house in Letchworth near where I live or goes into my doctor’s surgery in Baldock one sees the same collection of supposedly sick people looking for all the world like Victor Meldrew from the old sitcom “One Foot in The Grave.
    Then ,like Lazarus rising from the grave they metamorphose on hot summer days into people who can jog,load caravans and do DIY.
    The transformation has to be seen to be believed so Duncan Smith is right to try and weed them out.
    That said this latest attempt at nudging is not going to save much money and is cruel and pointless.
    What we should be doing is getting the ex servicemen who sleep rough in cardboard boxes on our streets every night,back into gainful employment and into the housing which local authorities fail to provide.

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